"I seek to be impeccable, and this can only be achieved through open-mindedness."

-Garm // Ulver

Karla Fuller-Palmer is a rambunctious conceptual artist and maker living in Seattle, WA. She graduated from Cornish College of the Arts in 2013 with a BFA in Fine Arts, focused on video & sculpture. Ironically, her main interests have become photo and painting, and she’s largely self-taught thanks to not having figured that out while attending school. She really likes photo, video, sculpture, drawing, cats, the bizarre & creativity at every turn.  Subjects and concepts vary greatly; documentation of daily experience due to a nomadic military upbringing & fierce death anxiety, awe of nature, social commentary, exploration of personal or past myth, pure aesthetic choice or appreciation of a moment.

High concept, lo-fi, no budget, DIY 'til I die.


Curriculum Vitae


2013 BFA, Video and Sculpture, Cornish College of the Arts, Seattle WA

2005-2006 Visual Arts, Mt San Jacinto Community College, San Jacinto CA

Solo Exhibitions

2016 Caffe Vita, Pioneer Square Art Walk, Seattle WA

2015 Caffe Vita, Queen Anne, Seattle WA

2015 Capitol Hill Art Walk Ghost Gallery Offsite Exhibit, Coven Salon, Seattle WA

2015 Capitol Hill Art Walk Ghost Gallery Offsite Exhibit at Saint John’s Eatery, Seattle WA

Group Exhibitions

2016 Bloody Wednesday II, FRED Wildlife Refuge, Seattle WA

2016 Decease In Volume II, FRED Wildlife Refuge, Seattle WA

2016 Blue Cone Studio presents The Mirror Project, Seattle WA

2016 Capitol Hill Art Walk, Blue Cone Studio, Seattle WA

2015 Art Attack, Georgetown Trailer Park Mall, Seattle WA

2015 Georgetown’s 2nd Annual Holiday Market, Seattle WA

2015 Miniature Art Extravaganza, Ghost Gallery, Seattle WA

2015 Bloody Wednesday, LoFi, Seattle WA

2015 Shadowbox: A Group Show, Ghost Gallery, Seattle WA

2014 Art Attack, Georgetown Arts & Cultural Center, Seattle WA

2014 Planets: The Exhibition, IN Arts NW, Seattle WA

2013 Capitol Hill Art Walk, IN Arts NW, Seattle WA

2013 EXPO 13: Cornish BFA Exhibition, Cornish College of the Arts, Seattle WA

2010 Digitize Me Video Festival (Participant)

2009 Roll Call: Merit Exhibition



Chris Holland Memorial Endowed Scholarship

Kreielsheimer Foundation Scholarship

Nellie Cornish Scholarship

President’s Scholarship

Art Department Merit Scholarship



Federal Pell Grant

Private Collections

Sculptures and paintings can be found in personal collections around the United States

Selected Professional Employment

2014 Skate Like A Girl benefit, Vera Project (Videography/ Editing) Seattle WA

2014 Decease In Volume, The Josephine (Photography) Seattle WA

2013 “Metal Cats” book Kickstarter (Videography/ Editing) Seattle WA

2010-2012 Lead Video Editor/ Videographer, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, Creative Services, Seattle WA

2009 “Minor Differences” documentary (Transcription) Seattle WA


Crockett, Alexandra. "Acknowledgements." Metal Cats. 1st ed. Brooklyn: PowerHouse, NY. 132. Print.